QFOOD Europe approved investment budget

The QFOOD Europe Management has approved large investment portfolio across Mediterranean food and agriculture business, including Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Egypt, Marocco and Tunisia.

wheat1a[1]      The initial plan consists in five major pilars of food sector, olive oil production, vegetables, food manufacturing, food catering and mineral water. QFOOD Europe is the brand of high quality farms and agri products across Mediterranean and South Eastern Europe. A pre-eminent food company committed to generating value in food and agriculture assets, ensuring greater sustainability of production, applying new technologies with top priorities operating efficiency, profitability and the most precious healthy products. One of the today’s greatest challenges is to guarantee food security for the growing population whilst also ensuring greater sustainability of food productivity, trade and consumption.

Agriculture has made many technological advances, increasing its level of productivity and thus creating wealth in rural areas. Today, QF is evaluating the challenges in food business and its aim is to become the top brand of high quality farms and agriculture with the most precious Mediterranean healthy products such as poultry, fish, wheat, vegetables, red meat, sugar, olive oil, honey, cheese, raisin and dry fruits.

QFOOD Europe holds a large portfolio of sustainable food business with an effective Management Team and the highest standards of corporate social responsibility across Mediterannean, Europe and North Africa.

Sources: Reuters, Gulf Times, World Agriculture News.