15 of the Coolest Aquariums

#15 iMac Aquariums

MacAquariums and iMacquariums are created for Apple fans around the world. Jake Harms transforms old Apple computers into eye-catching aquariums. Recycled iMac cases are fitted with custom designed fish tanks, bright lights, and high quality filters in place of the screen.

Each Macquarium is ready to use right out of the box. Simply decorate it however you wish and add water and fish! It makes an original and eye catching home or office conversation piece.

 iMac Aquariums


#14 World Trip Aquarium

“World Trip is a glass goldfish basin which has the shape of the world map. You can enjoy a world wide trip and adventure with goldfishes.” (Designer: Takuro Yamamoto)

 World Trip Aquarium

#13 Labyrinth Aquarium

The Labyrinth Aquarium is the gerbil cage of aquariums. It is, without a doubt, very cool. However, with a price tag of $6,500, it seems as if it should come with a person to clean this opulent aquarium. Just the same, it’s pretty neat to look at the fish swimming freely throughout the entire fish tank.

 Labyrinth Aquarium

#12 Aquarium Bed

The aquarium bed is one of the most extravagant headboards on the face of the planet and probably comes pretty close to resembling where the mighty Poseidon slumbers. The bed is made from top quality materials and offers an unparalleled view of the enormous 650 gallon aquarium and its diverse marine life. Simply put, the aquarium bed raises the bar for all other home aquariums.

 Aquarium Bed

Source: Wonderful Places

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