World’s Most Expensive Golf Carts

Here are the top 3 most expensive golf cart in the world. It shouldn’t be surprising that golfers, numbering doctors and other affluent individuals among their ranks, have some fairly expensive pieces of equipment available to them. A golf cart is a small vehicle designed originally to carry two golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course or on desert trails with less effort than walking.

3. Hummer H2 golf cart – $19,999

Most Expensive Golf Carts Hummer H2 golf cart Top 3 Most Expensive Golf Carts in the World

This most expensive golf cart body kit, licensed by GM, is built over a 3.75 hp aluminumclub car chassis. The electric cart is an NEV capable of speeds up to 20 mph and includes headlights, turn signals and brake lights. As for convenience, the cart also includes a cooler under the hood, storage under the seat, a tinted windshield, fog lights, glove boxes, a fold-down tailgate and, of course, drink holders.


2. Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit Golf Car – $52,000

Most Expensive Golf Carts Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit Golf Car Top 3 Most Expensive Golf Carts in the World

From the Porsche factory in Finland comes the most expensive golf cart with practically any feature you could ask for. The aesthetically pleasing cart is a limited edition of the standard Garia golf car with custom paint, two-colored hand-stitched seats and a carbon roof lined with alcantara, as well as standard Garia features such as two golf bag carriers, a painted utility box, scratch-resistant side skirts, a scorecard and penholder on the steering wheel.


1. Garia LSV – $62,000

Most Expensive Golf Carts Garia LSV Top 3 Most Expensive Golf Carts in the World

Equipped with seatbelts, side mirrors, hydraulic brakes and a 4 hp electric motor capable of speeds up to 25 mph, this luxury golf cart has all the safety features necessary to allow it to be classified as a roadworthy low-speed vehicle. If you order directly from Garia, you can even customize the Garia LSV with your choice of over 100 different body, roof and dashboard colors, three different colors of upholstery and 10″ or 12″ wheels. With priced $62,000 Garia LSV is the most expensive golf cart.

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