AEGEAN enters the World LNG Market

AEGEAN enters the LNG market with target to become a world LNG and Natural Gas player. Aegean Gas focus on the supply chain (import, marketing and distribution) of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas (NG), transported via special vessels from the extraction gas source and liquefaction plants up to the LNG regasification (import) terminals across Mediterranean, Europe, Northeast Africa and South Asia. The company will supply LNG under both short market and medium/long supply contract from the world largest LNG producers as well as on supplies from the market by major traders and middle stream gas companies operating in Europe and in international Markets.

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AEGEAN GAS AG is a full subsidiary of AEGEAN GROUP, a multibillion conglomerate Organization AEGEAN has many international operations and energy facilities (21 locations in all continents as per the attached Global Operation Network) in the sectors of transportation and shipping, seaborne oil transportation services, retail marketing, trading and physical supplying of marine fuels and lubricants, bunkering services and port facilities, oil products supply, LNG and NG supply and distribution, storage capacity in import terminals, energy storage, and marine environmental services related to sea-port reception facilities for the collection and treatment of ship-generated liquid wastes.

The Group has operations and facility assets in Switzerland (the headquarters of AEGEAN GAS), Germany (new bunkering facilities in Hamburg), UK, Belgium, Spain, Greece (Piraeus port), Gibraltar, Portugal, Cyprus, Singapore, Philippines, UAE, Jamaica, Panama, Trinidad, USA, Canada and Morocco. AEGEAN GROUP holds a portfolio of LNG and physical supplies of marine fuels and lubricants across the globe and basically is the company which has initially opened the LNG market in SE Europe, starting from  Revithoussa LNG Import Terminal in 2010. Today, AEGEAN  is delivering 13 million metric tons energy across 30 world markets, generates $14.1 billion with US$ 1.6billion working capital facilities, and its existing total storage capacity is more than 1.6 million cubic meters.

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