Ahlen Foundation assists the desperate refugees

Qatar Gulf News – Doha: Ahlen can and must play a bigger role globally in cutting-edge humanitarian and development aid. It would be able to play a role in trying to assist the desperate refugees that find themselves in Greece and SE Europe.


Picture of Syrian Refugees in Athens

The demand from crisis regions expected to grow considerably. Syria’s bloodletting shows no sign of easing. There are fears of a fresh influx of refugees crossing the Mediterranean to flee intensified violence in Libya. Renewed fighting in Ukraine could trigger a westward exodus. If that happens, Greece first and then the rest of Europe could face a crisis closer to the scale faced by those who are really on the front line of Syria’s refugee tragedy. Jordan has taken in 630,000 Syrian refugees. Little Lebanon houses 1.2 million and Turkey is home to 1.8 million, according to the UNHCR. Those figures give some context to the 260,500 Syrians who have applied for asylum in all 28 EU nations since the war began in 2011.

The partnership for financial support will help these families and their kids to live with dignity and hope for a better future. I can personally guarantee that your help will reach to refugees whenever is needed, with full of transparency, accountability and professionalism, applying the high principles of charity for humanitarian and development aid.

Sources: Gulf-times, Qatar Agency News, GRN