Ahlen Royal Hospitality develops further in Europe…

Doha, Qatar – May 6th, 2016. Ahlen is the brand name of Royal Hospitality and Concierge Services in very selective destinations across Middle East and Europe. Ahlen provides you with world-class hospitality services, accommodation,transfers, 24/7 concierge, tailor made services, personal shopper,exclusive excursions, invitations to special events. Ahlen provides concierge and hospitality services in very selective cities like, Doha, Dubai, London, Istanbul, Paris, Athens, the Island of Mykonos and Milan. The Ahlen Privilege Club Card Holders can live in the world of ultimate experience of pure perfection and sheer luxury that will exceed any expectation.


Recently, Ahlen Royal Hospitality lounced its Global Privilege Club for card holders starting from Doha, Athens, Mykonos Island and London.

Sources: Reuters, WMN, Qatar Agency News.