“Ahlen Royal services” contribution to Qatar’s emerging tourism market

As Qatar is building its infrastructure for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, bearing in mind the cutting-edge sports stadiums technology in engineering, the transformation of Doha port into an international cruise ship terminal, the capacity increase of Hamad international Airport and other works, Qatar becomes an emerging market and a hub country for sports and cruise tourism in the wider Middle East region and Asia.

Ahlen Royal has been established as a brand that caters to the elite traveling from Greece to the world as Greece undoubtedly holds the leading role in cruise ships tourism gathering and exporting a vast number of tourists from all around the world in the Mediterranean region.

Ahlen’s Royal team through its network and expertise will contribute not only to the 2022 FIFA World Cup event itself by attracting visitors and conducting VIP ticketing services but also to the general idea of promoting effectively Qatar’s sports and cruise tourism.

Ahlen’s Royal traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of having access to local high-end tour operators and the elite of Greek travelers.

Sources and photo-credits: QGN