Ahlen is expanding in Qatar …

Ahlen is now expanding in Qatar and the rest of GCC. AHLEN is the brand name synonymous to Royal Hospitality Services committed to provide guests with exclusive services when travelling either for holidays or business to the wider Mediterranean area. It will provide you with world-class assets, ensure the ultimate in luxury for your family and personal holidays and everything you need for efficient, cost-effective business travels and high end delegations.

The importance of Ahlen Services is that the concept invests deeply on long relationships with Guests and ensure that all of their needs are met, no matter how big or small. Ahlen offers only royal and luxury services (luxury yachts, private villas, Learjet, helicopters, luxury road transportation, VIP lounges) across Mediterranean and Adriatic sea including 36 islands across the region.

Additionally, very soon all Ahlen guests can enjoy the ‘’Ahlen Airport Services’’, enjoy safety,  high standards of security and comfort to their holiday destinations. The Ahlen services includes all travel procedures, full travel, personal and family insurance, emergency cash whenever the guests need and wherever they are. Additionally, Ahlen provides luxurious experience across GCC, organizing Royal Weddings, Honeymoons and Luxurious Events.

”Ahlen” can have many meanings …it means ”welcome” …is a response to say “I’m fine”, when somebody asks you how do you do.. but mostly means “we are here” …Ahlen is there for You …to offer a unique and royal holiday experience in the Mediterranean… Find Ahlen with ORYX Qatar Airways and check: www.ahlen-services.com