Al Meera to offer 1000 products at cost this Ramadan…

As Ramadan is approaches, Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (QSC) is gearing up to launch a wide array of amazing offers in all its branches across Qatar. The offers will include selling 1000 consumer products at cost.

The exceptional initiative from Al Meera comes in line with its social responsibility towards the community, citizens, and expats, during the Holy Month of Ramadan by meeting their food requirements at the lowest possible price.

The offers kick off next week and will last for the entire month of Ramadan. The offers include a wide selection of the most sought-after items during the holy season as well as fresh and frozen products. In addition, Al Meera will also offer other promotions covering various categories of products and consumer goods.

As every year, Al Meera continues its commitment to offering a convenient shopping experience to its shoppers. To facilitate hassle-free shopping during the promotional season, Al Meera has made meticulous arrangement for all items according to category, with Ramadan items such as dates and Qatari special recipes especially highlighted.

 “Ramadan is the month of solidarity, unity and, mercy,” said Dr. Mohammed Bin Nasser Al-Qahtani, Deputy CEO of Al Meera. “It is an opportunity to enhance the relations amongst all members of our community. Al Meera offering at-cost prices for over 1000 products through its 33 branches is a clear expression of our solidarity with all customers, citizens, and expats, and testament to our commitment to provide them with the best products at reasonable prices.”

 “As we work to expand our stores to provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience in Qatar, we never ignore the importance of providing quality products by keeping our prices at a level that satisfies all consumers. This is what we are keen to provide during all seasons of the year and especially during the Holy Month Ramadan,” added Dr.Al-Qahtani.

Al Meera is aligned with Qatar’s development in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030’s four pillars: economic, social, environmental and human development. Al Meera continues to expand and plan for new projects inside and outside Doha. The firm is currently executing its 2014 – 2015 plans. The target is to open 24 new malls in all of Qatar’s territory, and to meet customers’ needs wherever they may be.

Nine branches under construction are expected to open at the end of the fourth quarter this year in Wakra, Thumama, Al Wajba, Meaither, Aziziya, Thakirah, Mureikh, and Jaryan Njeimah.  In addition, rented property in the Al khalij Mall will be open to the public soon. Dr. Al Qahtani commented on this aggressive expansion strategy:

“We are continuing to build new contemporary branches with designs similar to the recently opened branches in Luqtaifiya and Nuaija.  These branches are designed as a mall concept that not only includes Al Meera supermarkets, but other commercial stores, restaurants, and services. Effectively, these become convenient one-stop shop destinations for our customers.”

Currently, Al Meera continues its construction works at its nine branches after finishing the design stage, and approving four designs to be adopted in all under-construction malls. This design will reflect the new contemporary look of Al Meera. Once the new branches are received from the contractors, the company expects to obtain approvals from the relevant authorities to launch these branches in 2014.

Through its projects that come within the expansion plan during the upcoming two years, Al Meera Consumers Goods continues its long term strategy of sustainable value for its customers, to reflect its slogan “the favorite neighborhood retailer.”