Alexis …the new blood in the Greek and European Politics

End of austerity for Greece? The Syriza party, can make the difference!

The prospect of victory for Greece’s far-Left opposition in January 25th snap elections suppose that can make the difference and stop all scenarios of threatening a new crisis for the Eurozone. Parliamentary polls were announced after Greek MPs failed to choose a new president. According to the constitution, the vote’s failure means parliament has to be dissolved. Uncertainty over the outcome of the January 25 parliamentary election is raising concerns that Greece’s long simmering debt crisis could be re-ignited.


There is no doubt that Alexis, is a fresh person and the new blood in the Greek and European Politics and he will try to contribute to the fast recovery of recession. Additionally, he will negotiate properly with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund for the multi-billion dollar bailouts. Germany’s finance minister is warning that Greece has ‘no alternative’ to hard reforms but he is willing to sit and discuss with the new Greek Government for the austerity measures imposed as part of that rescue package.

Alexis, has already announced that  “austerity will be history” and only the Greek people can decide for the future of the Country. Greeks hold the key to the country for economic growth, opportunities in business development, increase employment, and social safety.

Alexis told supporters in Athens: “Let it be clear to everyone both inside and outside the country:. “Today my friends is the beginning of the end of the regime that sunk the country into poverty, unemployment, grief and desperation. The beginning of the end of those who were shamelessly servants of catastrophic policies.”

Greek polling data suggest that Alexis, Syriza party, he will likely reach 140 to 145 seats out of the 151 requested to set up the new Greek Government, show the lower limit for the country’s 300-seat chamber is about 38 percent. Antonis Samaras shows no dynamic to overcome the Syriza party. Under the Greek electoral system, the winning party gets 50 bonus seats in the country’s unicameral chamber, and the remaining 250 seats are distributed proportionally among all parties that surpass the 3 percent threshold. A government can only take office after a confidence vote requiring the support of at least 151 lawmakers.

According to the polling data, Antonis Samaras, he didn’t managed to convince the Greek voters about his capacity to drive Greece out of recession and to negotiate properly with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund for the rescue package. Seems that the first months for Alexis will be very hectic start immediately discuss and renegotiate the Greek debt held by euro-area member states and the European Central Bank. Furthermore, he has to find ways to return to a budget surplus,  increase the Greek gross domestic product, reduce unemployment rate, stop fall in wages and household income, attract foreign investors, stabilize and monitor  the tax system and last but not least to deploy the right Team to support and facilitate the Government’s actions.

Source: The Qatar Gulf News, NPC, Caye Global News.