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Doing Business with Ashghal (Public Works Authority)

How does a joint venture (JV) between two companies operate?

The JV between two companies is performed either by full JV through CR or by JV for specific projects through signed agreements between the two companies.

What are the steps required to participate in a tender?

The following steps are required:

  1. Review the tender details on the Ashghal website. 
  2. Review the tender documents in the specified area located on the ground floor in Ashghal’s headquarters and ensure that the company is in accord with the conditions of participation.
  3. Deposit the correct tender fee into Ashghal’s bank account at Qatar National Bank (QNB).
  4. Submit the deposit receipt to Finance Affairs in Ashghal (Tower 2) and receive an official receipt.
  5. Submit to the Contracts Department a copy from the CR attached, with an authorisation letter for receiving the tender documents.

Do we have the right to participate in tenders if we don’t have an office in the State of Qatar?

According to participation conditions in the general tenders, the CR is considered one of the main requirements, but in case of specified tenders or tenders limited to consultancy offices, this condition may not always apply.

How can we register our company with the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’?

Currently, registration is not required to participate in tenders. However, registration of the company on the website is important for companies to receive alerts and notifications regarding tender as well as being updated on Ashghal news and updates.

How can we register our company on Ashghal’s suppliers list?

This is done by contacting the relevant department at Ashghal.

Are consultancy offices outside Qatar eligible to participate in Ashghal tenders?

Consultancy offices are eligible to participate in Ashghal tenders if they have an adoption certificate from the consultant offices classification committee, before or after the awarding of the project to the consultant office.

Can we issue visas in the event of being awarded a project with Ashghal?

You should follow up any project award with the relevant authorities, using the award letter to facilitate issuance of visas. However, any outgoing letter from Ashghal regarding a tender award is not automatically considered a commitment to issue a visa.

How could we work as a sub-contractor?

By having an agreement with Ashghal and contacting the project engineer.

How can our company participate in limited tenders at Ashghal?

 You can participate in limited tenders in the following ways:

  • Present your company, its specialties and achievements to the relevant department. The goal is to put your company ‘in
    the frame’ for relevant tenders. 
  • If your company has previously worked with Ashghal, and the project has been finished on time and meets the required
    standards, then this will prove advantageous in terms of being considered for future tenders.

Does Ashghal have a classification system for companies similar to that
of the central tender committee?


Can we buy the tender document even if the CR has expired?

If the CR renewal is in process, and the company can prove that this is the case, then tender documents can be purchased.

How does a company receive tender documents if its office is located
outside Qatar?

Tender documents can be download from the Ashghal website.

Where are Ashghal’s headquarters located?

Ashghal’s headquarters are located near Sheraton Roundabout, in front of Doha Bank and Kahramaa Tower.

What are the requirements for our company to obtain Ashghal classification?

Ashghal doesn’t offer a classification process.

How is a registration certificate issued for a consultancy office?

Registration certificate issuance in this regard is performed by the Registration and Control of Companies Department in the Ministry
of Business and Trade.

How can my company participate in Ashghal tenders?

There are several requirements for participation:

  1. For participating in Ashghal tenders, the company should have a valid CR. 
  2. The company should follow up on Ashghal tender announcements in the newspapers or on the Ashghal website.
  3. Deposit the tender fees in Ashghal’s bank account at QNB.
  4. Submit the receipt to the Contracts Department, with a copy of the CR to receive a copy of the tender documents.

What is the procedure to issue a CR for a new foreign company to work
within Qatar?

Submit a request to the controlling companies’ department in the Ministry of Business and Trad for registration of a company, supported by letter from Ashghal showing the works awarded to that company.

Is it possible to obtain a list of the contractors/consultants who are
currently working with Ashghal?

Ashghal does not share details of its contractors or consultants. This is not in keeping with the equity and respect for sensitive information that is central to how Ashghal operates.

What are the procedures and requirements to obtain an authorisation
letter for signing a contract?

Authorisation letters should be certified from one of the registered persons in the CR of the company. These letters are required to be submitted in Arabic. The following documents are required:  

1.   Copy of the company CR.
2.   Copy of the authorisation owner ID
3.   Copy of the ID of the authorised signatory.  

The above mentioned documents should be submitted to the Ministry of Justice for approval.

What are the requirements for being include in the list of qualified
companies for building, roads and drainage projects?

Ashghal invites companies for prequalification on a non-periodical basis via the local and international newspapers. Companies can participate in
the pre-qualification process according to the terms and conditions of the announcement.

According to design and building contracts, is it possible to obtain particular guarantee documents for the design part of the contract, with the sub-consultant’s name or the company’s name as a main consultant?

According to the Fidic contract, a company can submit its insurance document for the particular part of the design with the sub-consultant’s name. According to Ashghal’s procedures, the insurance document should be in the name of the chief party that is contracted to Ashghal.

How does a company apply for pre-qualification for major projects?

Ashghal has pre-qualification (PQ) tenders for its largest projects. Ashghal will announce the tendering of PQ periodically in newspapers as well as on the Ashghal website. PQ documents will be uploaded to the website, and companies can download these for free.

Can tender documents be purchased in cash?

No. Ashghal only accepts payment through its bank account with QNB.

What is the Ashghal account number?

Ashghal’s account number is 0013-001813-052.

Can tender documents be obtained in WORD, EXCEL or AUTOCAD format?

No, as per Ashghal’s policy, only PDF format of tender documents are issued.

How does a company receive General Conditions of Contract/PSA Ed 2010 Entire Agreement?

Prepare a request letter and submit it to the Contract Department (Head of Contracts Services Section, 10th Floor – Ashghal Towers).

Can a company obtain a copy of BOQ/Scope of a particular tender before purchasing the tender?

No, open tender details are published on the website.

Can a company review the tender document before purchasing? Yes, tender documents can be downloaded and reviewed before purchasing.

How does one learn about Ashghal tenders?

Ashghal will announce open tenders in newspapers (both English and Arabic) as well as on its website. 

Usually, Ashghal announces new tenders on Wednesdays.

Is there any deadline for buying tender documents?

Tender documents can be purchased at any time before the bid closing date.

Where does a company submit its bids?

Bids are required to be submitted to the relevant tenders committee.

What is Ashghal’s list for ‘Approved Labs’?

This is a list of laboratories which deal with Ashghal and have a license to work on PWA projects.

How does a company access this list?

The Ashghal laboratories list can be accessed through the Ashghal website.

How is Ashghal’s list of approved laboratories issued?

The list is issued periodically when a major change occurs with Public Works. It can also be issued on a monthly basis.

Does this list include laboratories both inside and outside Qatar?

Ashghal’s approved labs list currently includes only local laboratories at present. However, we anticipate that international laboratories will soon be included on the list, especially for those areas of testing which are not covered by the local labs.

What are the field tests included in the Ashghal labs list?

The Ashghal list includes all field tests that are requested and/or necessary for Ashghal projects.

What is the difference between approval of the Ashghal list and the
administration license of laboratories and standardisation affairs for
the Ministry of Environment?

Ashghal’s approval is that of a selection of laboratories adhering to PWA requirements provided these laboratories have a license from the Ministry of Environment.

What advantages do approved laboratories on the list have?

Approved labs are the only labs allowed to conduct testing for Ashghal projects.

What are the requirements needed to be accredited or approved to the
Ashghal approved list of laboratories?

The requirements are as follows: 

  1. To have the conformity certificate or license from laboratories and standardisation affairs from the Ministry of Environment.
  2. To be accredited for ISO 17025
  3. To comply with Ashghal’s laboratories’ quality criteria; such as equipment calibration, specialised training of the lab staff, participation in lab proficiency testing programs, to have a document control system for tests, and adding continual improvement to the laboratory and its testing methods.

To which PWA department should a request be submitted for lab approval?

The Laboratories Section of the Quality and Safety Department (QSD) is the only body eligible for lab approval and list issuance.

What is the application procedure for acceptance on Ashghal’s approved list?

  1. A letter of approval request has to be sent to the manager of the QSD.
  2. Completion of the Laboratory Inspection Information Request (LIIR), which is obtained from QSD.
  3. Submission of the LIIR together with the Lab’s quality manual to the QSD.

What is the methodology applied by QSD for laboratory approval?

  1. The lab evaluation team will review the information provided in the LIIR to evaluate the lab’s information and its scope of testing. 
  2. The evaluation team will also review the lab profile, and all related lab documents.
  3. If information in the LIIR or lab profile is missing or unclear, the lab manager will be called for a meeting to discuss and clarify such points.
  4. After the completion of all paperwork, the lab evaluation team will visit the lab for inspection and audit.
  5. After the visit, if there are any outstanding conformity issues, the lab will be required to make suitable corrective actions, and if it then complies with all relevant requirements, the lab will be included on Ashghal’s approved list.

    Source: Public Works Authority.

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