Chilean fans invade and damage the press center before Spain game

We all know that football arouses different emotions amongst fans. Sometimes the passions are misdirected.

Today at Maracana Stadium several Chilean fans stormed the Press Centre, damaging some windows and part of the building itself. We heard some commotion outside the stadium, which we thought was the normal excitement ahead of the big game(Spain vs Chile) the least we expected was a press centre invasion.

We captured some videos when the fans burst into the media centre: children, women, and men Men were among the crowd who broke in, claiming to be angry that they had no been able to obtain tickets for the match.
In all of the Brazilian protests and demonstrations, this year and at the Confederations Cup last year, this was the first time that media facilities had been assailed. Immediately the security tried to take charge of the situation, but they couldn’t  contain the unruly Chilean fans.

The security managed to get out the fans from the Media Centre, but once outside the Chileans overpowered the the guards probably trying to force their way into the stadium Hurriedly-summoned security staff cornered them in one section of the
centre. Authorities said later that 85 people had been arrested.
Journalists scrambled to take pictures and shoot video, amidst the organizers protests. It was the first time ever that fans had forced their way into Media Center stealing some of the journalists tools, destroy the centre TV and creating a total mess.
FIFA has condemned the unruly behaviour saying some of the fans have been arrested.

“Ahead of the ESP-CHI match at the Maracanã, a group of individuals without tickets violently forced entry into the stadium.They broke fences & overran security before being contained by security. They did not make it to the seats.The situation was brought under control quickly & at least 85 intruders were detained by the military police of Rio.The organizers of the World Cup condemn these acts of violence. We’ll communicate further info & measures to be taken in due course,”read the statement from FIFA.