News Bulletin – September 5, 2019

Qatar Moves Towards the Dream, Dazzles the World with World Cup 2022 Emblem

Qatari newspapers in their editorials highlighted the world’s celebration with the State of Qatar and its people of unveiling of the Official Emblem of FIFA World Cup 2022, which Qatar is hosting for the first time in the Middle East.

The papers said that the unveiling of the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup is an important step towards achieving the awaited dream, pointing out that the FIFA and the host country reached another major milestone on the road to the world’s greatest football showpiece, which will be a great honour for Qatar and for Arab and Muslim countries.

For its part, Al-Sharq newspaper said that the world celebrated last night with Qatar and its people the unveiling of the official Emblem of the FIFA World Cup 2022, stressing that the unveiling of the logo was a global event by all means, as the images of the emblem was displayed in most famous historical and tourist places in 24 countries around the world representing all continents, which is happening for the first time in history.

The paper underlined that traditionally, the unveiling of the logo of the tournament is taking place only in the host country, but Qatar succeeded in making the event universal to confirm that the World Cup 2022 will strengthen bonds of friendship around the world, noting the global reactions in all the international media in all languages.

Al-Sharq said that the emblem deserved this international celebration, especially as Qatar was keen to address the whole world, adding that the emblem reflects the Arab identity through the traditional shawl worn by people around the world and in the Arab region and the Gulf in particular during the winter months – when the FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place for the first time.

The emblem also features dots, flank a football that contains a geometric pattern popular in Arabic embroidery. These dots symbolise the markings that appear above some letters in Arabic script. The logo also takes on the shape of the infinity symbol, reflecting the legacy of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

For its part, Al-Watan said that the State of Qatar dazzled the whole world yesterday evening, through the unveiling of the official Emblem of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, noting that 24 countries across the world witnessed the event amid joyous celebrations.

The newspaper pointed out that the World Cup Emblem was launched through the latest digital technology simultaneously in 24 countries, and in a single moment, and that millions of people of the globe witnessed this dazzling event, whether through giant screens in the fields of many capitals and cities of the world or through digital media platforms.

The newspaper noted that the State of Qatar, which will witness the next big sport event, again became the talk of the world, adding that it also fulfilled its promises and is now continuing the impressive steps of the organization of the World Cup, as FIFA witnesses the splendor of the continuous Qatari achievements in the preparations to host the big world event that the fans of the football await with great anticipation.

The paper also referred to the reactions from the whole world and international media to the great event yesterday and noted that the State of Qatar continues, as usual, to communicate with the wider world through an advanced civilized vision and sound planning.

Al-Watan concluded by saying that the Qatari promise now shines all around the world which will witness in 2022 the finest World Cup.

In turn, Al-Arab newspaper said that the unveiling of the Emblem of the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup is an event that will be immortalized in the history of all the Arabs.

The paper said that the event is the culmination of many years of work and diligence by the State of Qatar’s leadership and people who believed in the capabilities of the homeland and realized that when the Arabs want to succeed, they are capable.

Al-Arab added that the dream of the Arab World has become a reality, and that Qatar 2022 will be the new stop for the world event, which is eagerly awaited by tens of millions across the universe every four years. The newspaper pointed out that what happened in Doha yesterday recalled to the minds the events in Zurich on December 2, 2010, when Qatar won the honor of organizing the World Cup, which brought joy to the heart of every Arab.

When Qatar was declared the host of the 2022 World Cup nearly nine years ago, the paper said, HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, who was the heir apparent at the time, said that the World Cup will be for all Arabs, and Qatar is a small country, but it belongs to a great Arab nation. When HH officially received the mantle of hosting the big world event, HH reiterated the same meaning that World Cup Qatar 2022 is for all Arabs, and on behalf of all Arabs, he welcomed the whole world to the event. the paper added.

The daily also stressed that the State of Qatar has proved that Arabs are able to compete with the large and powerful countries, and that Qatar’s victory is a harvest of long political and economic planning, followed by a well-planned strategy for Qatar 2022 to be the center of all world championships.

Al-Arab concluded that despite all the obstacles and attempts by some to kill the Arab dream to organize the World Cup, Qatar, under the leadership of HH the Amir and his people, proceeded to complete the championship projects according to the planned schedule, and even at an accelerated pace after the blockade.

Al-Raya affirmed that unveiling the Official Emblem of the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup is an important step towards achieving the dream as FIFA and host country Qatar reached another major milestone on the road to the world’s greatest football showpiece.

The Qatari daily said that the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar united the Arabs under one banner that lit up the skies of 13 Arab countries at the same time, to unveil the Official Emblem of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, which demonstrates the State of Qatar’s belief in the power of Arab unity and the importance of joining efforts to achieve the Arab dream of hosting the most exciting edition of the World Cup in Qatar.

The State of Qatar, through the celebrations that accompanied unveiling the Official Emblem of the 22nd edition of the International Championship, which were held in Arab and international capitals, affirmed its ability to fulfill this promise, based on its belief in the potential of football to build bridges of communication between peoples of different cultures and intellectual and ethnic affiliations, Al-Raya noted, pointing out that engaging others the joy of the celebration aims to convey a true image of the region and the Arab world.

In conclusion, Al-Raya said that the State of Qatar has cooperated with its brothers in the Arab world celebrating the milestone with thousands of spectators witnessing the synchronized projection of the emblem onto a number the most iconic buildings in various cities and capitals of the Middle East countries. The images of the emblem also seen on giant screens in a number of countries and major world capitals, including the United States, France, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Turkey and South Africa, the paper added.