Doha Bank chairman is honoured with “ABLF Award’’ …

Doha Bank chairman Sheikh Fahad bin Mohamed bin Jabor al-Thani was honoured with “ABLF Award” at a ceremony held in Dubai on Saturday.

The Grand Awards Ceremony was hosted by Asian Business Leadership Forum as part of its “spectacular awards series”.

Doha Bank said, “The Asian Business Leadership Forum is Asia’s most prestigious event, the ultimate get-together of the elite business and policy leadership from the vibrant Gulf-South Asia–South East Asia Corridor.

“The ABLF award recognises business organisations and the leaders at their helms, for adopting a holistic approach to building and sustaining both business excellence and developing human resources.”

Doha Bank said Sheikh Fahad was honoured for being a “powerful leader” who has continually channelled energies to create outstanding work environments for his organisation that promotes commitment, reinforces best business practices and consistently sharpens the skill-sets of its employees. These ensure optimum utilisation of both human resource potential as well as opportunity capital. Gulf Times

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