Doha Bank’s CEO visits Greece 29th of October

Doha, Qatar – Qatar Gulf News, October 2019.  The Chief Executive Officer of Doha Bank Group, His Excellency, Dr. Raghavan Seetharaman, is visiting Greece 29th of October, invited by POWERGLOBE EUROPE as both companies have announced a ‘’strategic alliance’’ for LNG supply in Mediterranean region, including the development of power generation at Atherinolakos port in Crete. POWERGLOBE QATAR and DOHA BANK apart their ownership alignment, hold a strong business relation across the gas to power industry with a range of projects in Qatar, GCC and India, including the Siraj project and recently in Greece and Cyprus. Noticing that PG jointly with Doha Bank are participating at the LNG supply for PPC (Greece) and DEFA Cyprus.

Doha Bank opens a new branch in the City of NY

During his official visit in Athens H.E. Dr. Seetharaman will hold meetings with Ministers, with Central Bank Governor and companies that had already project developments across Qatar and Middle East. Recently, Qatar Central Bank has approved new overseas expansion for Doha Bank, showing confidence in Qatar’s economy. Doha bank received approval from Qatar Central Bank (QCB) for the opening of one (1) overseas representative office in Colombo, and two (2) new branches in New York (Doha Bank has already one branch in NY from 2003), and Athens, Greece.

The current decision of Doha Bank and Qatar Central Bank is a confidence in Qatar’s economy remains strong despite the economic blockade imposed on the country in June 2017 as capital investments saw a 72% jump in the first six months of 2019, according to His Excellency Fahad Al-Thani, Chairman of Doha Bank and the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) CEO Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida. Doha Bank it shows a strong interest to open and operate a full branch in Athens. Today, the bank has presence in more than 13 countries and 32 cities.