Doha Metro extends its Thursday and Friday timings!

Doha Metro service hours for Thursdays and Fridays will be extended from January 16.

From this weekend, January 16, they will operate trains from 6am to 12:00 midnight on Thursdays and from 2pm to 12:00 midnight on Fridays.

On other days – Saturday to Wednesday – they will operate from 6am to 11pm.

Many commuters had urged Doha Metro on social media to extend the timing on weekends as it has become the popular mode of transport for families to visit malls and other cultural hubs around the country.

Under the tweet announcing the change in operating hours, a commuter urged Doha Metro to start trains early on Fridays.

Doha Metro regularly extends their hours for various sporting events like the FIFA Club World Cup matches to help fans commute easily from the stadium after late matches.

As the popularity of the Metro grows with more people using it for commuting to work, late night trains will help those getting back from work after late shifts.