Dubai Customs seize fake goods worth $4.7m…

Dubai Customs seized an estimated $4.7m (AED 17.6m) in counterfeit products during the first six months of this year.

The Dubai authority has stepped up its efforts in deterring the smuggling of counterfeit goods into the emirate, managing to seize up to 139 different products, including apparels, mobile phones and accessories, automotive spare parts, watches and sunglasses.

Dubai Customs has attributed its success to the use of the latest technology in its efforts to crack down on counterfeit goods.

Central to that is its in-house developed “Risk Engine” system, which is primarily fed with up-to-date inputs from various resources, enabling it to identify suspected shipments at a high level of accuracy.

The system has also assessed 84 percent of the risk-free transactions, which are then electronically cleared without any human interference, all done in less than two minutes starting from the client’s input of their consignment data into the Customs Clearance System via the available interactive channels, such as smartphones, B2G and internet.