Energy Optimization across Qatar

Energy optimization solutions for large-scale operating assets becomes a necessity for GCC countries and Middle East in our days. Saving energy is a priority need for cost effectiveness as well as the rational use of available resources. POWERGLOBE QATAR is at the forefront of low carbon economy through delivering sustainable solutions to public and large-scale private sector organizations. We are confident that alternative, future clean and renewable energy sources can help reduce your energy costs and decrease your carbon emissions. It targets to deliver highly efficient energy optimization services and innovative technical solutions in order to reduce energy consumption and to address customer affordability issues. As experts in energy optimization by offering, among other, the following energy efficiency services, including energy audits and issue of energy certificates, follows the international standard directives.


PG in-depth knowledge of the energy markets and the evolving regulatory environment enables us to develop exactly the appropriate strategy, manage the implementation and deliver guaranteed improvements in performance. Its energy management experts adopt a holistic approach, suggest solutions which are in line with the latest energy efficiency policies and assist you in achieving your sustainability goals. It activates solutions for Gas to Power Projects; Electricity Integrated Developments; Offshore Integrated Power; LNG and NG Project Developments, Floating Energy Facilities and Shipping; Renewable Energy Project Developments (Wind, Solar, Integrated RES Developments); and Energy Optimization Solutions for large-scale operating assets, including hotels and hospitality resorts, connecting offshore facilities i.e. islands with the electricity grid, commercial and business towers, shopping malls, airport facilities, banks and financial centers, sports and stadium facilities, public facilities and industrial infrastructures.

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