GEK Terna wins $169m contracts in the Middle East

Construction arm of Athens based conglomerate Gek Terna Group, Terna was recently assigned four new projects, budgeted at $169m, in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

Specifically, in Bahrain, Terna undertook the construction and maintenance of a complex of 832 residence units commissioned by the “Affordable & Social Housing” program.

The project will be developed on a plot area of 321,350sqm and the budget accounts for $107m.

Furthermore in Bahrain, Terna undertook the construction of a sewerage project with a budget of approximately $25m, as the lead partner of a joint venture with CGCE Abu Dhabi . The project concerns the construction of a primary sewer with a total length of 1,760 meters and a treated sewage effluent network with a total length of 9,100 meters
serving the Al Madina Al Shamaliya (AMAS) islands development.

In addition, Terna was assigned two projects in Abu Dhabi with a total budget of $36m. The first concerns the construction of a luxurious residential complex and of the second, the construction of a general hospital of 32,000sqm.

The above new projects are part of a series of construction projects undertaken by Terna over the past years in the Middle East, with a project of road construction in Qatar (budgeted at $338m) being the most recent one.

The new projects further strengthen Gek Terna Group’s construction backlog which currently exceeds $3.3bn.