Google “Street View” to be Launched in Qatar Shortly…

Pursuant to the utmost interest of Google company on incorporating the State of Qatar to the countries utilizing the techniques of displaying panoramic road view images entitled

Mr. Anthony McLaughlin, in charge of Google “Street View” for Europe and the Middle East, has visited Doha “GIS” center on 17/8/2015,  to consult with the officials of the Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning) – Geographic Information Systems Center,  on the possibility of  signing agreement authorizing the company for imaging the streets of the State utilizing the above mentioned technique, to be accessible through the internet applications and the  smart mobile phones.

It is worth noting that, Google has photographed the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha using this technique) (see figure)

The “GIS” Center,  in his capacity as the competent authority has been authorized to negotiate with google company and enter into agreement  on the implementation of the project referred to herein above, by a joint committee of several government entities, provided that, the said company shall abide by the applicable regulations and the technical requirements, eventually, a memo of understanding on the requirements had been signed, on the basis of which, google company will acquire approvals from the concerned authorities prior to commencing the survey works on the streets of the country and production of the panoramic images.

The Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning  had recently signed similar  memorandum of understanding with the “Hare” company, formerly known as “Navteq” for producing three-dimensional (3D) images for the streets of the State and its abutting buildings with the Laser imaging technology , as the agreement provides for the right of the Ministry to obtain the data after completion of its production and enabling accessibility to the  government agencies associated with the “GIS” network.