Greece close to launch public broadcaster

ATHENS: Greece’s new public broadcaster, replacing the one closed down by the government last year, transmits for the first time this weekend but the launch will be “modest”, its president said yesterday.

The New Greek Radio, Internet and Television (NERIT) will go live at 18:00 (GMT 16:00) and the first programmes broadcast will be a news bulletin, a Greek then a foreign film as well as a sports programme.

“There will be a modest ceremony”, George Prokopakis, its president told state-run Athens News Agency (ANA).

He added that the delay of the launch, scheduled for April 27, was due to procedural delays.

The programme of NERIT will be progressively increased with 16 new shows added over the next fortnight plus transmissions concerning the coming local and European elections also broadcast, according to ANA. NERIT’s president admitted though that there were problems before today’s launch, including staff recruitment. AFP