Greece is open for all of its forthcoming meetings business

Given the current developments in Greece, the National Meetings Industry cannot foresee any changes in confirmed business events. We estimate, though, that in the weeks to come, any issues with the banks and the liquidity in the country will be resolved and that a sustainable solution will be found.

Regarding conferences and meetings, scheduled for 2015, 2016, 2017 and forward, HAPCO Members (PCO and MICE companies) and of course the entire National Meetings Industry and Travel Sector reassure the continuation of their high-level services and total commitment towards their responsibilities. The professional approach towards our assigned projects has and will never change.

Moreover, in cooperation with the Greek State, entrepreneurs and Tourism/Meetings Associations make their best efforts on a daily basis, so that leisure and business visitors continue to enjoy their stay in Greece.

Capital control, as documented in the relevant Presidential Decree, apply only to Greek citizens and focus only on their cash transactions with banks, in order to safeguard liquidity of the bank system. Capital control does not apply whatsoever for foreign citizens visiting Greece.

This means that our foreign visitors can enjoy their stay in Greece by making full use of the following:
a. Unlimited access to bank ATMs for cash withdrawal up to the daily limit of their credit and debit card, as set by their home bank.
b. Full and unobstructed use of their debit card.
c. Full and unobstructed use of their credit card up to the credit limit set by their home bank. In these turbulent times, we wish to reassure the European and International market, that Greece remains a safe, hospitable and friendly country, which offers a unique added value of the combination of business with pleasure as well as still the ideal destination to host meetings of any kind. Source: Travel Daily News