Greece urgently needs new ‘’Leadership’’ and ‘’National Vision’’ to unlock its future

It’s obvious that something should happen in Greece. Maybe a new start will result in unlocking potentials for a bright future. How the Greek economy can restart again? How Greece can increase its growth, employment and stabilize public dept. Is Greek economic nightmare close to its end?

‘’Charting economic and social progress in modern societies depends on a clear vision and a strategy about how to get there. Wise political leaders know the direction in which they would like their societies to develop, balancing the interests of present and future generations’’ Dr. Theodore said.  

(Photo: GNE) Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, Chief Executive Officer at QFC (Qatar Financial Centre) and Dr. Theodore Theodoropoulos, Chief Executive Officer of POWERGLOBE)

(Greece should build a bridge between the present and the future where there is economic and social justice for all, and in which nature and man are in harmony. We need to galvanize our collective energies and direct them toward these aspirations. Strong national and family values will provide our moral and ethical compass. The welfare of our children, and of our children yet to be born, demands that we use our resource-wealth wisely. Greece should invest in its people so that all can participate fully in economic, social and political life. Greece must also invest in world class infrastructure to create a dynamic and more diversified economy in which the private sector plays a prominent role. This requires continuous improvements in the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the new government. Greece’s National Vision should be authentic and emerged from intensive consultation across its society, reflecting the aspirations of the Greek people to resolve of their political leadership.

‘’Greece’s National Vision should aim – by 2025-30 – Greece to become an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for its people.  Make people relief from austerity measures, reduce corporate tax, especially for small and medium enterprises, reduce the property tax and provide reliable incentives for investment opportunities across the country. Greece holds many potential investment opportunities in the energy, renewable sources, natural gas, power production, tourism and hospitality, agriculture, shipping and transportation, public infrastructures, airports, marina and yachting, food and processing, industrial products, art and culture. Additionally, Greece could be an ideal place for energy transfer across Europe with multi-billion investments and income’’ highlighted Dr. Theodore.

Greece’s National Vision should define the long-term goals for the country and provides a framework in which national strategies and implementation plans can be developed. The National Vision foresees development through four interconnected pillars, based on the guiding principles of the permanent Constitution and the directions of the new Prime Minister of Greece, as well as on extensive consultation with Ministries, local and international experts.

The National Vision builds on a society that promotes justice, benevolence and equality. The vision embodies the principles of the permanent constitution which guarantees security, stability and equal opportunities for all citizens, based on a) human development of all its people to enable them to sustain a prosperous society, b) economic development of a competitive and diversified economy capable of meeting the needs of, and securing a high standard of living for all its people for the present and for the future, c) environmental development and management of the environment that leads to the harmony between economic growth, social development and environmental protection, and d) social development based on high moral standards, capable of playing a significant role in the global partnership for development.

Based on that National Vision, Greece could make the big difference across Europe. Greece could become the economic gateway for all Europe and to make “positive surprise” over the next years. According to the New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who holds an agenda and program for freedom and economic prosperity across the country, he expressed that he will be the leader of all citizens providing them guarantees for security, stability and equal opportunities.

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