Group Securities, QNBN sign data security deal

Dr al-Sulaiti and al-Moudadi shake hands after signing the deal.

The Group Securities, a share brokerage firm working under the Qatar Stock Exchange, has signed a contract with state-run shareholding firm Qatar National Broadband Network (QNBN) to boost the security and flow of its business operations.

The contract, signed by QNBN CEO Dr Ahmed bin Salman al-Sulaiti and Group Securities chairman Hamad bin Khalaf al-Moudadi, calls for the creation of a private fibre optic network to connect four sites related to the Group, including the QSE.

The contract also aims to achieve higher standards of data safety and security while ensuring a speedy, uninterrupted flow of the necessary data, which would reflect positively on the overall related business transactions.

Al-Sulaiti said the agreement will enhance the role of QNBN in achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030 by providing the highest levels of communications and assistance to support the accelerating pace of Qatar’s economic growth.

The contract stipulates that QNBN would design, implement, and manage the fibre optic networks of the Group, in accordance with the highest international standards in the field. The ultimate target is to maintain and guarantee the continuous flow of constantly updated data for the users of the QSE, in addition to other key economic and business data and information.

Al-Moudadi stressed the importance of the creation of a private fibre optic network, which would guarantee the flow of information and data with unlimited capacity between the QSE and the data centres at the Group. This would enable the company to achieve instant higher rates of trading in the real time and at all times, he said.