GWC hosts US embassy delegation at Logistics Village Qatar

Qatar’s leading logistics provider GWC welcomed a delegation from the United States Embassy to Qatar at the Logistics Village Qatar (LVQ) Sunday.

The delegation from the United States Embassy at the Logistics Village Qatar (LVQ) in Doha.

The delegation from the United States Embassy at the Logistics Village Qatar (LVQ) in Doha

The visit included a tour of the landmark integrated logistics hub, offering bespoke supply chain logistics and warehousing solutions, spanning 1mn sqm infrastructure; the largest logistics hub of its kind in the region.  The tour offered the attendees insights into how logistics infrastructure such as the LVQ act as a supply chain enabler for investment opportunities considered by businesses from the United States and elsewhere in Qatar, as well as positioning Qatar as a potential hub from which US businesses may reach the globe.

The delegation included many high-ranking officials from the US Embassy, including Charge d’Affaires, William Grant. Fifteen kilometre off the Hamad Port, 18km from Hamad International Airport, just 2km from Doha’s main industrial area, and immediately accessible through the country’s G-Ring Road, GWC’s “strategically positioned LVQ offers the most comprehensive, globally recognised” supply chain solutions.  Organised, structured, integrated, IT enabled, and “ready-to-go”, the LVQ was conceived and developed on a scale that has set new benchmarks in logistics infrastructure. 

The tour also highlighted GWC’s dedication to the highest standards of health, safety, and environmental protection through the initiatives it practices at LVQ and all its logistics sites. The company also stands as an example of what can be accomplished through a multinational work force working and living together in high standard business and accommodation facilities. 

“It was a pleasure to host the US Embassy and its staff, showcasing what Qatar is capable of, while reviewing possible avenues of collaboration,” stated Matthew Phelps, GWC general manager. “The grand vision behind developing the LVQ was to provide regional and international companies with customisable, instantly operational platforms to meet their logistics needs, and we are fully prepared to meet the growing demand for logistical support and expertise.”

Sources and photo-credits: Gulf Times