Hassad starts exporting food despite blockade

Hassad Food CEO Mohamed Badr al-Sada. A worker loads boxes of dates to be exported to India.

Hassad Food Company has started exporting dates to India despite the economic blockade. The first shipment is expected to arrive on Friday, it was announced yesterday.

Hassad Food CEO Mohamed Badr al-Sada said: “It is our pleasure to open bridges of business co-operation with India. This move demonstrates the strength and stability of Qatar’s economy as Hassad was able to begin exporting in the food sector despite the unjust blockade on Qatar. We plan to increase the number of future shipments to India and other countries around the world.”

Furthermore, Hassad Food supports local farmers by purchasing their dates produce with the aim of increasing domestic production.
Hassad Food, Qatar’s premier investor in the food and agri-business sectors, was established in 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Qatar Investment Authority.

The company adopts a state-of-the-art investment model that focuses mainly on investing globally in commercially-viable prospects to support Qatar’s economy while generating profits.

Hassad Food’s approach throughout all its projects focuses on long-term investments in the agri-business and food production mainly in animal proteins, grains, rice, and sugar. The company aims to achieve its long term goals through developing startup companies and Greenfield projects, joint ventures, and acquisition of shares in private or public company.