How Dubai’s Burj Khalifa created the world’s largest & tallest LED screen

The team who created the world’s largest and tallest LED illumination at Dubai’s  Burj Khalifa’s have revealed details of how they did it.

Spanning a total area of 32,467 square metres, the LED display has 70,000 LED bulbs placed in position using over 100,000 brackets and linked seamlessly with 55,000 metres of cabling for the perfect visual display.

“One of the challenges we had is [that] we have limited access points to reach the exterior of the façade so we have to open some portions of the façade,” said Basher Kassab, director technical services at Burj Khalifa, in a video posted on YouTube.

Weather conditions also proved to be a tricky obstacle for the team of expert technicians and ropemen.

“We faced sandstorms, we faced rain, we faced heavy winds, so quite often we have had to wait until we had a good slot in terms of winds to go out and do the installation,” said Kris Vloemans, senior project manager.