How Qatar is looking for European energy market?


Qatargas’ views on the European energy market, the current and future role of LNG, the influence of new energy policies and the company’s marketing activities across the continent were presented at the Flame conference in Amsterdam recently.

The presentation entitled “European LNG Supply and Demand Implications” was made by Qatargas’ chief operating officer (commercial and shipping) Alaa Abujbara.

Abujbara discussed key events in Europe’s recent energy history, beginning with the consumption of coal in the 1950s, how this trend led to the great smog of 1952, which in turn inspired the use of cleaner fuels over the next decades. He spoke on the recent return to coal in the energy mix and asked the question if Europe was coming full circle by returning to coal.

Abujbara then proceeded to discuss the energy options for Europe going forward. He made a clear case for LNG as a major part of the energy mix by highlighting its advantages over alternative fuel sources like renewables, nuclear, coal, pipeline gas and liquid fuels.

Concluding, he spoke on how Europe would meet its future energy demand.

Abujbara said, “The fact is that Europe needs energy and long term LNG is the best option, which offers both clean energy and good security of supply. If Europe wants to secure LNG, Europe needs to attract LNG in competition with other global customers, or risk facing a choice between higher pollution and lower security of supply.”

He also reaffirmed Qatargas’ commitment to supplying LNG to Europe.

Flame – Europe’s leading gas and LNG conference –  was launched in 1994 and since then has been held annually in Amsterdam.