How brands can worth billions?


These are the most powerful brands in the world. See the map with the strongest business brand of each country. There are some brands that cost as much as a whole country’s GDP. These brands are worth billions! For five years, Apple has been on the list of the most powerful brands in the world. But the giant of smartphone and tablet maker lost this year’s lead in world rankings from another giant of technology, Google.


Apple lost 27% of its value and the value of its mark … fell to 107, 1 billion USD. On the contrary, Google is now worth the … stock market of $ 109.5 billion. The world’s “war” of brands, however, seems to have left the traditional (so-called and heavy) industry out of the world and is being conducted among the giants of technology. Indicative is that Amazon managed to increase its brand’s brand value in just one year by 53% and now it is valued at 106.4 billion dollars. The US remains the business of El Dorado as 8 of the world’s 10 most powerful brands are American (one from South Korea and one from China completing a dozen).

The 10 strongest brands…

Taking advantage of the World Economic Forum and Brand Finance’s Global 500, has made the world map of the most powerful brands, putting every country’s strongest brand in place. Indeed, it has adjusted the geographic scope of each country to reflect the value of its strongest brand.
How to read the map: In each country’s location, it is the strongest brand of the country, the largest company in the country. The size of each country has been adjusted to reflect the comparative size of the brand in the world ranking. So, as the map shows, the top five positions hold American brands, while South Korea’s Samsung South Korea (yes, another technology company) is ranked sixth on the world list with a value of $ 66.2 billion.

There are two American brands (WalMart retail and Facebook). While the 10th place is still a non-American brand, the Chinese bank ICBC, with a signal value of 47.8 billion dollars. In the next places we find two non-technological brands, the Japanese Toyota automobile manufacturer and the German automotive – also BMW, with brand names of 46.3 billion dollars and 37.1 billion dollars, respectively. Following is the multinational Shell (based in the Netherlands) worth 36.8 billion. Characteristically, though, the world map lacks entire countries, such as Greece and continents: Africa is not even on the map.