Intrapreneurship transforms Qatar employees into catalysts of business innovation: Ooredoo

An expert discussing ‘intrapreneurship’ to participants of the master class.

Ooredoo, one of the region’s ICT providers, announced yesterday that “‘intrapreneurship’ is a game-changing concept” to transform Qatar’s employees into creative problem-solvers that will enable new levels of business competitiveness and innovation. During its fourth and final master class, ‘Intrapreneurship and Driving Corporate Innovation’, Ooredoo and the Qatar Business Incubation Centre (QBIC) explained the business benefits of intrapreneurship.

‘Intrapreneurship’, a relatively new term in the business world, sees organisations fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among their own employees to find new, creative, and innovative solutions to business challenges. Ooredoo COO Yousuf Abdulla al-Kubaisi said: “In the emerging digital economy, Qatar’s organisations need to break down internal silos to foster collaboration and activate different skill sets to succeed and drive corporate innovation. Ooredoo is one of Qatar’s pioneering organisations in the field of intrapreneurship, with our senior leadership teams cultivating teams that are risk-takers and problem-solvers.”

The master class was part of the Digital and Beyond joint venture between Ooredoo and QBIC. These master classes were designed to support Qatar’s community of innovators and entrepreneurs.
QBIC CEO Aysha al-Mudahka said: “Intrapreneurs can enhance productivity, discover new revenue streams, and become the next generation of leaders and innovators. Qatar’s organisations that want to foster intrapreneurship should allow their employees to spend a portion of their time on innovative projects. Intrapreneurship is a virtuous cycle, in which intrapreneurs attract fellow like-minded digital disruptors.”

Sources and photo-credits: Gulf Times