Jacky’s demos 3D printer models

3d-Printers-Jackey'sUAE-based Jacky’s Electronics is well established as a power retailer brand, but at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2013, Chief Operating Officer Ashish Panjabi is telling visitors about the company’s recently launched B2B division. A

The new business arm has a number of offerings, but at GITEX it is focusing on demonstrating its 3D printer models, in particular a model from vendor Mojo, which sells at around $10,000.

“[GITEX 2013] is the first public event where we are showing our 3D printers,” says Panjabi. “We are working with a company called Stratasys, the largest manufacturer of 3D printers in the world and we are targeting the commercial and industrial segments.”

Panjabi cited several examples of sectors where 3D printing is coming to the fore. Prominent among them is that of healthcare. Dentists can now use 3D printers to produce casts of teeth in preparation for a number of procedures, both minor and major. The complexity of the end product is increasing constantly. Now, multiple materials can be used to produce complex objects. Panjabi displayed a model of a human foot in which the bone structure could be seen through the tissue layers, which were rendered as transparent.

In the manufacturing sector, 3D models can be rendered in a number of materials including heavy metals. Panajabi also presented several prototypes that included moving parts, such as cogs and levers. He spoke of a future in which “digital manufacturing” would be the norm and would have a massive impact on the supply chain.

“Why worry about spare parts when you can make your own?” he observes.


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