Karwa Academy announces 2023 Road Safety Awareness Camp

This two-week camp, which began on August 6, is designed to provide road safety in an enjoyable way, as well as meaningful lessons about cars and their intricacies.

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Karwa Academy to announce the launch of the long awaited children’s summer camp. The aim of the two-week camp is to teach the young participants the rules of the road in a fun and engaging way. At the same time, it conveys valuable information about cars and their parts.

At the Karwa Academy summer camp, children learn the basics of safe driving from an early age. Through interactive sessions and practical activities, they acquire important skills to become responsible and careful drivers in the future.

From understanding traffic rules to learning vehicle mechanics, the camp promises an exciting and educational experience for all participants.

“We are delighted to equip the next generation of drivers with the knowledge and skills needed to drive safely and responsibly,” said Karwa Academy Director Faisal Al-Nuaimi, adding:

“Our aim is to instill a strong sense and awareness of road safety from an early age and promote a culture of responsible driving in the years to come.”

Karwa Academy in Mowasalati offers a wide range of training programs for light and heavy vehicle licenses, defensive driving, emergency management, hazardous materials and more.

As an accredited member of many international organizations, Karwa Academy is accredited by several international organizations and has the opportunity to train both professional and private managers at the highest level.

Its state-of-the-art equipment can accommodate up to 500 trainees per day, making Karwa Academy an easy choice for those looking to excel in their driving skills.

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