‘Made in Qatar’ brand earns praise from Omani traders

A number

Al-Ameri, Al-Zajali and Al-Kalbani

A number of visitors to the ‘Made in Qatar’ exhibition being held at the Oman Conference & Exhibition Centre until December 6 have lauded the “high quality” and “competitiveness” of Qatari products on showcase there.The visitors said the size of the Qatari industries and the products being presented at the exhibition “are a source of pride for the State of Qatar, which has proved its progress in many fields.”  Ahmed Saif al-Kalbani, a trader, said, “The exhibition of the Qatari industry in Muscat is important and necessary to introduce the Omani people to Qatar’s industrial level, which has reached greater heights.”

He said Qatari products “will have a significant presence in the Omani market in the coming period,” especially in furniture, construction materials, and food industries, as well as other commodities on which the Omani market may depend. “The high level of quality facilitates the entry of these Qatari products to the international market and will attract high demand from consumers in the Omani market,” al-Kalbani said, citing the “competitive prices” of Qatari products at the exhibition. Another visitor, Jaber al-Ameri, said the industrial products being showcased at ‘Made in Qatar’ “show the progress and development achieved by a country on all levels, including industrial and other fields.” 

He stressed that the quality of Qatari industries “is comparable with international industries in terms of quality and value for money.” “Qatari industries will certainly have a prominent place in the Omani market for several reasons. Among them is their high quality and the good relations between Omanis and Qataris, making it easy to promote these products in the Omani market,” al-Ameri said. Mohamed al-Zajali said that the majority of visitors to the exhibition “were impressed” by the Qatari products on display. “Omani people are now being introduced to the many high quality industries in Qatar,” he said. Al-Zajali also said he hopes that local markets in Oman “will be flooded with many Qatari products in the coming period,” considering the facilities offered to the traders of both countries.

Sources and photo-credits: Gulf Times