Metro has 120-year life cycle… Qatar Rail CEO

Qatar Rail’s CEO, Eng. Saad Ahmed Al Muhannadi, has said that Doha’s Metro system will have a life cycle of more than a century.

As part of an interview with Construction Week Qatar, the rail boss said that any concern over the viability of the metro system is not valid.

“The Doha Metro is a long-term asset with a life cycle of 120 years, constructed for the people of Qatar as part of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

“The FIFA World Cup 2022 is a very important global event, but still only one of many milestones during the design life of the Doha Metro,” he said.

The increased demand on the metro system during the four weeks of the FIFA World Cup will be handled by a mix of operational measures.

“Most important is the smart distribution of the available fleet across the network and adjustment of train frequencies in order to customize the capacity with predicted demand. A secondary measure is the adjustment of maintenance schemes in order to maximize available capacity.

“The concern that the Doha Metro may become underutilized post-2022, therefore, is not valid.”

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