Ministries of Justice of Qatar and Morocco Hold a Session of Talks in Doha

The Ministries of Justice of Qatar and Morocco held a session of talks in Doha on a draft agreement on legal and judicial co-operation between the two countries. Najat Mahdi al-Khalaf, the director of the convention and international co-operation department at the Ministry of Justice, headed the Qatari delegation at the talks.


New communicable diseases hospital to be of ‘global standards’

Dr Muna al-Maslamani, senior consultant (communicable diseases) has said Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is currently setting up a hospital for communicable diseases that will be of global standards, local Arabic daily Al Sharq has reported.

She referred to the significant role played by the existing communicable diseases section at Hamad General Hospital, adding that it received 118,000 patients in 2013, the report states.

Dr al-Maslamani told the daily that the new communicable diseases hospital, which is currently under construction, will contain 65 beds and several isolation rooms. According to the initial plan, the hospital will be dedicated mainly to tuberculosis patients, the report adds.

Further, Dr al-Maslamani said they are developing a project for immunisation of the elderly against the staphylococcus bacteria and a programme for communicable diseases related to the transplantation of organs, according to the report.HMC is also seeking to develop a plan for awareness about the importance of immunisation against seasonal influenza, she added.

Man held for murder of Qatari lady

An Asian man, accused of murdering a Qatari lady in her house on May 7, has been arrested in less than a week, local Arabic daily Al Watan has reported.

The accused, who was working as a farm hand in the house of the victim’s brother, had been planning the crime for seven months, the daily added, quoting sources.