New municipality for Doha Industrial Area

The Doha Industrial Area has to be managed by a separate entity or a  new municipality, the Central Municipal Council (CMC) urged yesterday.

A suggestion regarding the need to change or upgrade the administrative status of the area was submitted by Hamad Khalid al-Kubaisi, CMC member for Madinat Khalifa North, and other members at the council’s bi-weekly meeting.

“It is no longer suitable to name it “the Industrial Area” as it was originally created to move auto mechanical garages outside Doha,” pointed out CMC vice chairman Jassim al-Malki.

The area has undergone various transformations since then. Some of the garages had developed into small workshops, some into minor industries and some were turned into residential units for labourers, he said.

Further, the area fell under the jurisdiction of Al Rayyan Municipality and not that of Doha’s, he said.

“Due to the increasing population and the spread of construction over various areas in the country that had been uninhabited before, the number of municipalities have to be increased. In particular, there is a real need to develop the Industrial Area and adopt a long-term  plan taking into consideration name, boundaries and administrative status,” al-Malki stressed.

Dr Mohamed al-Mislimani said the area had grown arbitrarily without  proper planning.

“There are now inhabitants in the area and they have full rights to all necessary services, including recreational and entertainment facilities. Complete infrastructure upgrades should be implemented in the area to keep up with its changing demographic nature,” he said, stressing that the need was urgent to create a designated and specialised municipality for the area.

The situation of the Doha Industrial Area was almost the same with Al Khor’s, according to Hamad bin Lahdan al-Muhannadi, CMC member for Al Dhakhira constituency.

“The population in the country has hit 2mn, yet the number of municipalities continues to be seven since 2004. The situation requires more specialised municipality services to respond to the ever-increasing demands,” he said, indicating that the northern areas of the country needed much of these services.

CMC chairman Saud al-Hinzab hailed the suggestion as “pressing and key to the development demands of the country”.

“The Industrial Area is highly important and has various issues to be treated and I see this demand as extremely important,” he stressed.

Ultimately, CMC members agreed unanimously to address HE the Minister of Municipality and Urban Planning with a correspondence detailing the issue.

Saeed Ali al-Marri, CMC member for Mesaieed, submitted a suggestion regarding the creation of a families’ only beach at the Sealine coastal area.

Most of the council members agreed that there was a need for such beaches in all areas of the country.  Dr al-Mislimani  stressed that all beaches should be open to the public and private projects should not be allowed to take hold of them and curtail access.

The council will communicate this issue too to  the Minister of Municipality and Urban Planning and seek action. Gulf Times

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