No impact on Qatar-UK bilateral air services deal because of proposed EU agreement, says al-Baker

HE Akbar al-Baker

HE Akbar al-Baker with other dignitaries attending the ‘CAPA Qatar Aviation, Aeropolitical and Regulatory Summit’ at the Sheraton Doha yesterday.

Qatar’s bilateral air services agreement with the UK will not get affected because of the Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement the country will soon conclude with the European Union, said Qatar Airways Group chief executive, HE Akbar al-Baker.  “Brexit or no Brexit, I am a big believer that aviation will continue as usual because both sides need each other.European carriers have huge investments in the United Kingdom and the UK carriers have huge investments in Europe.

“So I think there could be little bit of upheaval in the beginning because there are lots of ambiguities. But soon it will be business as usual,” al-Baker told Gulf Times yesterday. “As far as Qatar is concerned, we have a bilateral air agreement with Her Majesty’s government in the UK. This does not get affected by the Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement with the EU,” al-Baker said. He said, “The agreement with the EU is very clear. Both sides understand that apart from the comprehensive agreement, the bilateral agreements, which we had, are still valid.” On March 29, the United Kingdom will formally leave the European Union (EU), and according to aviation experts, the uncertainties that surround Brexit are totally unhelpful for the aviation industry.

Sources and photo-credits: Gulf Times