OQIC offer presents ‘a highly compelling investment opportunity’

OQIC Group senior deputy group president and CEO Ali al-Fadala speaks on the leading role Oman Qatar Insurance Company has taken in Oman’s insurance sector. He noted that OQIC, with its highly-diversified set of distribution channels in Oman, including digital, branches, and bancassurance, along with its focus on select set of profitable segments, differentiates the company from the other participants in the Omani insurance industry.



OQIC, which is a subsidiary of QIC Group, has attracted strong response from investors during the launch of its initial public offering (IPO) held recently.  “OQIC has been playing a leading role in the insurance sector in Oman and brings with it strong credentials and the backing of its parent, QIC, which is the largest insurance group in the Mena region. “A number of reasons make this a highly-compelling investment opportunity – such as the experienced founders having an insurance industry track record of over 50 years. In addition, QIC’s exemplary performance, well-defined growth strategy, prudent investment management, and operational excellence make the offering attractive,” al-Fadala said.