Pearl Qatar will not reverse its ban on alcohol…

Pearl Qatar will not reverse its ban on alcohol at the development despite several international restaurants closing down, a senior executive of the managing company has told Arabian Business.

High profile restaurants including Gordon Ramsey’s Maze and Mango Tree closed after alcohol sales were suddenly banned at the Pearl Qatar in December 2011.

Pearl Qatar general manager asset sales Aleeq Al Khulaifi appeared to concede that banning alcohol had affected restaurants, revealing that the company had compensated those eateries that didn’t close.

“Some of them closed and some of them we gave support to continue with us without alcohol and they’re successful now and they stayed and they’ve extended their lease,” Al Khulaifi said.

“Will we have alcohol back? I don’t think so.”

UK celebrity chef Ramsey said in January last year he didn’t expect the ban to last very long because it had significantly impacted on restaurant earnings.

Qatar is positioning itself as a family friendly tourism destination and takes a tougher stance on numerous aspects including women’s dress.