Phase 2 expansion to help produce 6 million more chicken at Al Waha

Hassad Food, Qatar’s premier investor in the food sector, announced that it has expanded and developed the company’s poultry production sector (Arab Qatari Company for Poultry Production- Al Waha).

The operation of the second phase of Al Waha’s expansion will increase the local poultry production to 16 million in a year, said a release. The additional 6 million chicken will be allocated to frozen poultry production lines and cuts. Furthermore, the company’s production from table eggs will reach 130 million in a year. Hassad owns 46 percent of Al Waha and supervises on its operations.

Post the blockade, Hassad developed an expansion plan that consists of two phases of operations, in order to develop Al Waha’s operations and increase its production. 

The company successfully concluded operations phase one of the expansion, which led to an increase in local poultry production from 7 million to 10 million chilled chicken per year. 

Moreover, the company finalised the expansion of the layer section, which increased the table eggs production from 55 million to 110 million eggs in a year.

Eng. Mohamed Al Sadah (pictured), Hassad CEO, said “It is our pleasure to announce the completion of the first operations phase in Al Waha’s expansion, where we were able to cover 70 percent of the market demands from chilled poultry, as well as cover 40 percent of the table eggs needs. We are currently working in full capacity to operate the second phase of the expansion, which will see a noticeable increase in local poultry production levels”.

Al Sadah also explained that since Hassad took over the process of supervising on Al Waha’s operations post the blockade, the senior management has developed an expansion plan to increase the company’s capacity and develop its production processes, to meet the market needs from poultry and table eggs, in order to support the country in achieving self-sufficiency.