POWERGLOBE plans to launch its partnership model in Energy Industry

POWERGLOBE plans to launch its partnership model across the globe in the Energy Industry. Our Partners should hold highly professional standards, access to local energy market and outstanding financial capacity. POWERGLOBE targets to access the global markets by local affiliate companies and/or representative offices across the major energy markets in Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East. The partnership model allows establishing long-term economic and business relations with potential qualified partners based on solidarity perspective across the global energy industry.

POWERGLOBE plans to launch its partnership model across the globe in the Energy Industry (QGN Nov. 2017)

POWERGLOBE provides services across gas to power projects development, including, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, oil, electricity production, energy mix portfolio management, shipping and energy transportation, FSRU infrastructure, storage facilities, NG and LNG supply value-chain, LNG bunkering developments, renewable energy, and energy integrated large-scale project developments. POWERGLOBE helps governments and state organizations to focus on gas to power projects, energy mix portfolio management, supply options, including pipeline and LNG imports, and then proceeds to the key development needs of combined-cycle gas turbine power plants (CCGT), including the project management process from screening to operation, plant technology, siting, transmission, long and short term gas supply and power purchase agreements, permitting, project equity and debt financing, regulatory issues and rate setting methods, market liberalization, carbon emissions and the impact of competing renewable energy projects.

POWERGLOBE LLC is a Company licensed by QFC, a license pursuant to the Qatar Financial Centre Authority Regulations. Qatar Financial Centre Authority hereby certifies that, pursuant it powers under Article 11 (1) of the Qatar Financial Center Law Law No (7) of 2005 of the State of Qatar. It holds a multibillion-projects portfolio across ME, MENA, GCC, ASIA, MED, EUROPE, AFRICA with professional indemnity insurances and guarantees Qatar financial institutions. POWEGLOBE holds an authorized issued share capital of QAR30.000.000,00.

Petroleum and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are the cornerstones of Qatar’s economy  and account for more than 70% of total government revenue, more than 60% of gross domestic product and roughly 85% of export earnings. Proved oil reserves of 15 billion barrels (588,000,000 m3) should ensure continued output at current levels for 23 years. Gas has given Qatar a per capita GDP that ranks among the highest in the world. Qatar’s proved reserves of natural gas exceed 7000 km3, more than 5% of the world total and the third-largest reserves of any country in the world. Production and export of natural gas are becoming increasingly important. Long-term goals include the development of off-shore petroleum and the diversification of the economy.

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