POWERGLOBE QATAR holds big plans for Energy Optimization across Middle East

In the times when the World is facing huge Energy Consumption that is leading to enormous Energy Costs for companies, buildings, hotels, cities, shopping malls and many other facilities, Energy Optimization became a priority to both private and legal consumers.

POWERGLOBE QATAR, a company licensed by Qatar Financial Centre, targets to tackle any inefficient and high energy consumption and other energy related costs, monitor and manage energy, reducing both by fixing leaks, improving thermal insulation and switching off unnecessary heating/cooling/lighting, take into consideration either individual buildings and/or integrated-buildings capacity, design aspects, energy needs and requirements, weather conditions and temperature.

Large-scale facilities, buildings and industrial infrastructures use a considerable amount of energy in the form of heating, cooling, lighting and hot water. Energy efficiency has consequently become a major issue both for attractiveness and competitiveness. In collaboration with its customers and partners, POWERGLOBE QATAR develops energy services that reconcile energy and environmental performance.

Energy Optimization Solutions that POWERGLOBE QATAR successfully implement, leads to outstanding outcomes such as save effects up to 63%, cooling savings up to 36%, ventilation savings up to 28%, heating savings up to 52%, lighting costs reduced for 63% and water costs reduced by 26% .

Therefore, POWERGLOBE QATAR with its big plans for energy Optimization across Middle East offers a unique and conjoint system that provides energy efficiency, security, monitoring and sustainability for any kind of facilities which leads to significant cost reduction, indirectly instigating the raise of profit. Nowadays, Energy Optimization became a new mandatory field for any facility looking for efficient and sustainable growth, and POWERGLOBE QATAR with its executive team has developed extraordinary strategy for its implementation.


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