POWERGLOBE QATAR visits North Macedonia – plans for large scale developments

POWERGLOBE QATAR delegation plans to visit Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia, including His Excellency Sheikh Mohammad, Chairman of POWERGLOBE and Dr. Theodore, CEO of the company and Vice Chairman of Qatar Energy Bank. ‘’It’s a great opportunity to support the energy and public infrastructure across the country’’, Dr. Theodore said. The meeting with the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has been arranged for mid of May. Electricity supply, power generation, electrification, gasification and storage infrastructure, agriculture and industrial processing and developments are some of the main topics which will be discussed and analyzed.

Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev

POWERGLOBE has done a study related to the energy and natural gas sector of North Macedonia

The energy infrastructure of the Republic of North Macedonia (former – FYROM) enables the exploitation of the domestic primary energy, import and export of primary energy, processing of the primary energy and production of final energy, transport and distribution of the energy. The energy infrastructure of the Republic of North Macedonia comprises the electricity sector, the coal, oil and petroleum products sectors, the sector for natural gas and the sector for heat production. The structure of the electric power system (EPS) of Republic of North Macedonia comprises: Hydro power plants, with total installed power of 580 MW; Thermal power plants fueled by lignite with total installed power of 800 MW and fueled by heavy fuel oil fired with installed power of 210 MW; Electricity transmission system, power lines with voltage level of 400 kV (594 km), 220 kV (103 km) and 110 kV (1480 km). North Macedonia is connected to the transmission lines of Greece, Bulgaria and Kosovo through 400 kV power lines; and Electricity distribution system. The distribution network of the Republic of North Macedonia comprises 150 km of distribution network at a voltage level of 110 kV, 1000 km at 35 kV, 720 km at 20 kV, 8900 km at 10 kV and 11600 km at 0.4 kV.

The EPS of North Macedonia is operated by four entities, namely: AD ELEM – Skopje (Electric Power Plants of North Macedonia), state owned, shareholding company for production and supply of electricity, AD MEPSO – Skopje, (North Macedonian Electricity Transmission System Operator), state owned, operator of the electricity transmission system of North Macedonia – shareholding company for transmission of electricity and management with the electric and power system of North Macedonia, the distribution company EVN North Macedonia AD and AD “TPP Negotino”, state owned shareholding company for production of electricity.

The Republic of North Macedonia is connected only with one main gas pipeline. The entire quantity of natural gas is imported from Russia through the gas pipeline that enters North Macedonia at Deve Bair, on the border with Bulgaria and stretches through Kriva Palanka, Kratovoand Kumanovo to Skopje. The main gas pipeline has a capacity of 800 million Nm3 per year with a possibility to have it increased to 1.200 million Nm3 per year. At this stage of development of the gasification in the Republic of North Macedonia, there practically is no distribution network. Some direct consumers are in fact connected directly to the transmission network.

POWERGLOBE QATAR targets to cooperate with the Government of North Macedonia, the Ministry of Economy (Ministry) and the Energy Agency in order to support  the Strategy for Development of Energy for 2020. Our target is to process fast truck investments to North Macedonia, support employment and increase the county’s GDP growth.

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