Qatar culture showcased at Dubai event

The Qatar pavilion at the ongoing 18th season of Global Village in Dubai showcases some of the most notable aspects of Arabian tradition.
The pavilion features stores selling jewellery, frankincense, abayas, aromatic oils and perfumes.

The look and feel of the Qatar pavilion brings to mind the ubiquitous souqs of the country. The pavilion also promotes the nation’s hosting of the FIFA 2022 World Cup while sharing information about its heritage. The main theme is that Qatar stays true to its rich Arabian heritage while embracing modernity.

The pavilions of other GCC countries also reflect the social and cultural mores of the region, showcasing local art, crafts and culture.
The 18th season of Global Village runs up to March 1. It is open Saturday to Wednesday from 4pm to midnight, and until 1am on Thursday, Friday and public holidays. Mondays are family days, except on public holidays.

There are 30 restaurants serving various international cuisines and more than 200 shops offering various products. The other pavilions are of Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Africa, UAE, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, Italy, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Jordan, India, China, Germany, UK, France, Yemen, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Oman, Vietnam, Palestine, Thailand, Iran, Khalifa Foundation and Forsaty. Global Village is expecting more than 5mn visitors.

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