QATAR: Demand-supply equilibrium has laid a solid foundation for stabilised rentals in Qatar’s commercial office sector …

Doha / QATAR: Demand-supply equilibrium has laid a solid foundation for stabilised rentals in Qatar’s commercial office sector, indicating relief for the corporate segment,  according to DTZ, a global property service firm.

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It forecasts that rents  will remain “relatively stable” for the remainder of this year and into  2014. Growth in economic activity and investment in infrastructure will  continue to create employment opportunities, fuelling demand for office  accommodation but simultaneous expansion in supply ought to “dampen” the  prospects of rental inflation, causing rent levels to remain “stable”, DTZ said  in a report.
Finding that rental rates for commercial have remained  “comparatively stable” since 2011, it said in the Diplomatic Area, rents can  vary “significantly” depending on the quantum and quality of accommodation being rented. It is possible for larger space users seeking in excess of 5,000sq m  to secure secondary accommodation from rents as low as QR145 per sq m, it  said.
Small suites of less than 500sq m are at premium and rents of QR230 per  sq m have been reached recently, the report observed. The total current  office stock in the prime Diplomatic Area is estimated at 1.54mn sq m, DTZ said,  estimating that it could reach 1.63mn sq m by the end of this year, subject to  timely completion over the next six months.
The supply figures reflect an  additional 90,000 sq m space being completed over the first half with new  developments reaching completion including Al Baker twin towers and Al Jasmiya  tower, it said.
However, there is about 280,000sq m of vacant accommodation  being marketed to lease in the Diplomatic Area, equating to vacancy rate of 18%,  it found. Net take-up of office accommodation in the Diplomatic district over the first six months of 2013 is about 43,000sq m, which is below the five-year average of 60,000sq m, it said.
In addition to the Diplomatic Area, new  stocks are under construction at Lusail with three towers nearing completion,  the report said. Rents for good quality commercial stock in secondary  locations range from QR120 to QR150 per sq m, whereas those in tertiary  locations range from QR80 to QR100 per sq m.

Sources: The Peninsula, Gulf Times, Caye Global News, BBC News


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