QATAR: Discussions Calibrate the Future of GTL… World GTL Congress

Delegates at the inaugural World GTL Congress, currently underway in Doha, entered into their second day of the event today with an eclectic mix of panels and presentations stimulating the imagination of a global audience.

Panelists at a session in the World GTL Congress at the St Regis, Doha.
Panelists at a session in the World GTL Congress at the St Regis, Doha.

With the majority of sessions themed around calibrating the utilisation of gas resources and assessing the viability of GTL (gas-to-liquid) products and markets, the day-long discussions covered the entire spectrum of an industry that is poised to rake in a bigger share of the global energy pie in years ahead.

Sessions began with a panel discussion on ‘A look at gas-rich nations and their outlook on GTL projects’, as GTL industry associates from South Korea to the US encapsulated the current status of gas monetisation strategies in gas-rich nations, analysed strategic requirements, and debated the impact of new entrants on the global GTL landscape.

“The US is starting to look long and hard at GTL. We are looking at GTL as a reference case and as a variety of side cases…we are investigating it in a whole number of ways,” said Mindi Farber-de-Anda, team lead, Biofuels and Emerging Technologies, Office of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels at the US Energy Information Administration.

Whilst her panel participants explained that the global energy market operates on various dynamics of geopolitics, credibility of partners, and integration of opportunity, GTL, they agreed is not the answer to the world’s gas or energy problems but serves as another useful addition to the basket of available worldwide energy sources.

“Whether it is shale or methanol, GTL or its derivatives, if there’s anything that the two days of the World GTL Congress have indicated so far, it is the ability of this young oil and gas sector to come together and exchange emerging ideas,” said Leila Masinaei Al-Marzouqi, Divisional Director for Africa, Middle East, Central and South Asia at IQPC, the event’s organisers.

Being held under the patronage of His Excellency Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry and Chairman and Managing Director of Qatar Petroleum (QP), the congress is unravelling to be a premium platform to spawn fresh dialogue thanks to a rich conference agenda, side events and an exciting exhibition over the next three days, ending tomorrow (Tuesday).

Organised by IQPC (the International Quality & Productivity Centre), with QP hosting the world’s largest such assembly to date, the congress has welcomed over 500 delegates from around the world at a time when GTL is fast cementing its position as a revolutionary novel technology with potential to power such wide-ranging industries as aviation, vehicle engine manufacturing, fuel companies, lubricant manufacturing and petrochemical plants.

Following insightful presentations ranging from the future GTL projects in the US to overviews of GTL in Nigeria and South Africa, panel discussions that took place next examined the GTL pricing, products and markets from the perspective of both the producers and consumers.

With the first World GTL Congress entering its last day tomorrow (Tuesday), an exciting collection of technical and educational focus forums and workshops will take the centre-stage, along with the opening of the exhibition to public from 8am until 3pm at the St. Regis Doha, the event’s venue.

The congress enjoys the expertise of some of the leading GTL experts who have extended their advice to the congress organisers. They include Dr Ramzi Salman Abdul Hussain; Senior Advisor from QP, Rob Overtoom; Technology Manager of Pearl GTL from Qatar Shell GTL Limited, Niels Fabricius; Senior Technical Advisor from Qatar Shell Service Company, and Abdulla Al-Naemi; Marketing Director of Refined Products from, Tasweeq.

Source: Caye Global News, Zahir Abbasi


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