QATAR Exchange is a key player in the Gulf Capital Markets …

Doha / QATAR: After achieving much success in the technical, regulatory and product diversification aspects, Qatar Exchange (QE) is set to emerge as a key player in the region’s capital market. The bourse will seek to be a regional exchange and is looking to support the financial sector through offering investors’ efficient platforms for asset allocation, said Rashid bin Ali Al Mansoori (pictured), Chief Executive Officer of QE.

In the past year, QE has achieved much success on the technical, disclosure, regulatory and product diversification sides. QE  is now a well-established national institution providing many investment opportunities for local and international investors, Al Mansoori noted in the annual report of the local bourse.

Over the past year, QE has continued the execution of its strategic plan aiming at introducing necessary changes on its infrastructure to transform the bourse from a  local and regional  exchange into a  world class exchange. QE persisted in its efforts to be in line with the largest and most advanced exchanges in the world through developing a legislative framework to enhance transparency and provide different investors with diversified investment tools.

With this in mind, QE obtained regulatory approvals on introducing new investment instruments in the market, such as ETFs and REITs, and licensing new trading mechanisms, such as liquidity provision, securities lending and borrowing, and margin trading activities, to facilitate the investment process, he said.

Al Mansoori noted: “Despite the decline that has occurred in trading volume and the drop in index value of 4.8 percent in the past year as a result of the instability witnessed in many parts of the world, we are confident that the coming period will mitigate this decline as a result of the tireless efforts undertaken by QE, the outstanding performance of listed companies and the enormous investments in the Qatari economy because of QE is a mirror and a reflection of the success of the national economy.”

Despite the crisis the world and the Arab region witnessed last year, QE moved closer to complete phase 1 of its strategy working towards cash market reforms and succeeded to attain new accomplishments on the legislative and technical levels, in the domains of disclosure, information dissemination, raising awareness, and spreading the culture of investment.

After two years of its performance as the best market in the region, in 2012 the QE 20 Index declined by 4.8 percent. This decrease can be put into perspective when the QE Total Return Index is taken into consideration. In April 2012, QE launched a range of new indices, designed to provide investors better tools to follow the market performance.

During 2012, the Total Return Index increased by 1.4 percent. The wider market measure, the All Share Index, showed an even better performance, up 4.6 percent, confirming the strength of the Qatari economy.

Sources: The Peninsula, Gulf Times, Caye Global News, BBC News


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