Qatar Facilitates Evacuation of 40,000 + from Afghanistan

In coordination with countries and parties on the ground, Qatar has facilitated the evacuation of more than 40,000 people safely from Kabul to Qatar, according to Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Most of the evacuees are transiting in Qatar, where they are hosted temporarily for a few days before departing on flights to their onward destinations.

“As an impartial mediator, Qatar has been talking with all parties to facilitate aid and evacuation, while staying informed of the policies and actions taking place on the ground. Qatar will spare no effort in supporting the people of Afghanistan through diplomacy, dialogue, and developmental projects to achieve stability and prosperity,” the statement said.

Qatar has helped facilitate the transit of US citizens, embassy staff, and at-risk Afghans through Doha as it hosts an American Processing Centre for people arriving from Afghanistan.

Qatar’s Amiri Air Force has also helped evacuate Afghan refugees, including female students, families with children, or journalists. More than 500 of them have been housed in a compound in Doha.

Sources: Al Jazeera and GCO Qatar