QATAR shows the world highest GDP per capita

Qatar is one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest growing economies, almost tripling in size from 2005 to achieve a nominal GDP of US$188.8 billion and the wealthiest nation by per capita GDP in 2013 and around US$196.6 billion in 2014 (see table).

QATAR’S Economy – IMF Outlook

 Subject Descriptor Units Scale 2013 2014 2015
 GDP, constant  prices  National currency Billions  360  378.1  403.1
 GDP, constant prices  Percentage change    5.2  5  6.6
 GDP, current prices  U.S. dollars  Billions  687.3  715.6  759.7
 GDP, current prices  National currency  Billions  188.8  196.6  208.7
 GDP per capita
constant prices
 National currency  Units  188,282.70  190,124.70  194,886.3
 GDP per capita 
 current prices
 U.S. dollars  Units  359,403.00  359,841.20  367,292.40
 GDP per capita 
 current prices
 Percentage change  Units  98,737.10  98,857.50  100,904.50
 Inflation, average 
 consumer prices
 Percentage change    3  4  4
 Population  Persons  Millions  1.9  2  2.1
 Current account
 U.S. dollars  Billions  55.3  46.6  36
 Current account
 Percent of GDP    29.3  23.7  17.2

The National Vision 2030 guides the country’s growth. The government is committed to creating a dynamic, competitive and broad-based economy by increasing economic diversification through the re-investment of Qatar’s significant energy wealth. Qatar has over US$25.4tln in proven hydrocarbon reserves to be monetized over the next 100 years and sustain for long-term growth & development.

With a long term sovereign rating of AA and a stable outlook, Qatar is the highest rated GCC state by S&P. Qatar was ranked 14th and the highest in the MENA region in the World Economic Forum competitiveness Index, and was also placed 38th overall in the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) in 2012.

Qatar is the fastest growing economy in one of the world’s fastest emerging markets, this targeted three hub strategy seeks to leverage Qatar’s unique strengths and development opportunities providing access to emerging market returns at developed market risk levels. Additionally, the State of Qatar is committed to provide adequate pro investment climate measuring up to the expectations of private national and foreign industrial investment.

The rapid expansion in QATAR’s economy in recent years has also spawned a massive investment in infrastructure projects. Over the next 5 years, Qatar will invest more than US$260 billion on a range of projects across the Country.

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