Deal reached to extend Truce by 2 Days – Qatar

Hamas has announced the extension of the truce in collaboration with Qatar and Egypt. Israel expressed openness to prolong the pause in hostilities, contingent upon the release of additional captives held in Gaza.

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  • The office of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed that families expecting the release of captives on Monday have been informed. Hamas also reported that three Palestinian women and 30 children are set to be freed.
  • Since October 7, more than 14,854 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, while the official death toll in Israel stands at 1,200.

Qatar Mediates Humanitarian pause in Gaza.

The agreement is the biggest breakthrough in Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. Hamas and Israel agree on a four day truce in Gaza and release of 50 captives.

Qatar, along with Egypt and the United States, has successfully brokered a humanitarian ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). The ceasefire is expected to begin within the next 24 hours and will last for four days, with the possibility of extension.

According to a statement released by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, the agreement stipulates the release of 50 civilian women and children hostages held in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of a number of Palestinian women and children detained in Israeli prisons. The number of individuals released will be increased in subsequent phases of the agreement’s implementation.

The humanitarian pause will also facilitate the entry of a larger volume of humanitarian convoys and aid supplies, including fuel designated for humanitarian purposes, the statement added.

Qatar reaffirms its commitment to ongoing diplomatic efforts aimed at de-escalating tensions, halting the bloodshed, and safeguarding civilians. In this regard, Qatar commends the efforts of Egypt and the United States in securing this agreement.

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